Review: Our Play Safe Robinsons Magnolia Experience

4:19 PM

My son really loves play places, and the latest one he got to try was Play Safe in Robinsons Magnolia.

Rates are: P180 for 30 minutes and P280 for 1 hour. Guardians pay a flat rate of P50. I wasn't able to take note of the rate for unlimited play, though.

Kids below 3 feet require a guardian, but if your kid is taller than three feet and is fairly independent, you can let them go in alone and just watch from the waiting area. As with most play places, you and your child need to wear socks inside.

The picture below shows Play Place's guidelines:

As a parent, it makes me happy to see play places that put an effort into adding activities/areas that are unique to them. For Play Safe, this would be the bounce house area and the blocks pool.

I've seen play kiosks that had bounce houses/slides before, but this was the first play place I visited that had a bounce area that was just one of the attractions and not THE main attraction.

At the center of the bounce house is a slide. What I didn't expect was the lack of stairs. Both sides of the structure are slides.

Seems to me like this was meant for older kids who can hold on to both sides while going up. However, my kid was still able to slide a few times after I helped him climb up.

The bounce house also has balls and a goal, so your child can play basketball inside.

I also liked the blocks pool. At first glance, the blocks look like they're made of wood. I thought this was a little odd since play places usually have wooden furniture/parts covered up or childproofed to keep kids from hurting themselves on them. As it turns out, the "wooden" blocks are actually foam. They look very convincing, though.

Aside from the bounce house and blocks pool, there are also two ball pools. One is smaller and located between the bounce house and blocks pool. The other one is much bigger and contains stuffed toys as well. As you can see from the picture below, the pool is right by the entrance, so it's the first thing kids encounter.

The orange wall of the pool felt a little bit like a firm couch cushion, and while it's not super comfortable to sit there, lying down actually felt quite nice.

There are also rocking horses near the middle of the play area.

There's also a long table for plastic construction toys/bricks.

Here's a close-up view of the toys.

When your kid gets tired, he/she can always watch TV while resting.

Overall, I'm happy with our experience here. If your kid has a lot of energy, the bounce house is a great place to let it out. If you're used to other play places, though, you might feel like this one is a bit small.

Play Safe
Level 2, Robinsons Magnolia, Dona M. Hemady Avenue, New Manila, Quezon City, 1100 Metro Manila

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