Review: Our Kids Paradise Fisher Mall Experience

5:48 PM

I spotted Fisher Mall's Facebook post yesterday about the newly-opened Kids Paradise and I just had to give it a try.

It was actually perfect timing since we were planning to go to Fisher Mall anyway to run some errands. We were at Kids Paradise pretty much as soon as the mall opened. You can find it right beside Ballet Manila on the fourth floor, near the Expo Hall.

The rates are as follows:

From what I understand, each child can be accompanied for free by one guardian. If an additional guardian would like to go in as well, then you'll have to pay an additional fee. I wasn't able to ask how much, though. The rates are actually pretty good considering a guardian gets free admission; the place is new and well-lit; and there a couple of features here that I haven't seen in other play places in malls. We'll get to those in a moment.

Here are Kids Paradise' Rules and Regulations:

Just like with other play areas, you have to fill out a form; pay; have your pictures taken; and have your fingerprint scanned before you can enter. 

Socks are required. We brought our own socks so I forgot to ask how much their socks are.

We were given a shoe bag to store our shoes in and they were placed near the entrance/reception area.

Now on to the playground itself.

To the left is a sandpit, sort of. Here's a closer look at it:

My husband was the one who stayed with our son at Kids Paradise, so I wasn't able to inspect the material up close. However, my son played here and his socks weren't too dirty after his one hour was up, so it shouldn't be a problem laundry-wise.

In the middle is the slide, which looked pretty standard at first. That is, until one of the attendants turned on the projector. It might be a little hard to see here, but there were different short videos projected onto the slide (such as a river/creek), with matching sounds and music from the loudspeaker. 

*Take note, guardians are not allowed on the slide.

On the right side are the play booths:

There are two pet shops, a beauty salon and a bank. The bright colors and little swinging doors are quite cute. However, aside from the stools and the mirror in the beauty shop, I don't think there was much inside the booths. It would be great if there were some toys there for the kids to play with.

You can also see from the picture that there are several see-saws, rocking horses, and even a small basketball goal to play with.

My husband wasn't able to take pictures in the area above, to the left and behind the slide, but he says there's a small trampoline in there as well.

Overall, it was a positive experience for my kid, and we will definitely be back.

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